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iData is just like any other data solution with some big advantages. The cost of a diginet line from us is substantially less than other providers and we offer a 1:1 contention ratio.

Benefits to you

Huge savings on the line fee
The iData lines are priced based on the amount of bandwidth you need and not on geographical distance. A diginet line from your offices across the road will cost the same as a diginet from your JHB office to a CPT branch, making your VPN architecture a lot more affordable.  

Contention ratios
If you ever experience your internet slowing down, then you are probably not getting the service that you have paid for. Other ISP’s do not guarantee line speed and you may be sitting with a contenation ratio of 1:300 which causes a very congested line. iData, however, is a dedicated line with 1:1 contention ratios. In short, you will get the bandwidth that you pay for.