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Hosted iPBX

The Hosted iPBX is the obvious choice for a company that needs to upgrade their old PABX units. The conventional physical unit at your site is a thing of the past.

The iPBX sits in iConnect’s cloud which allows companies to rid themselves of physical PABX units at each branch. All branches will plug into the same hosted iPBX platform, enabling users to simply be an extension of the iPBX.

Benefits to you

The total cost of ownership decreases.
There is no need to rent or buy a PABX unit that will be old technology in 2-3 years. All upgrades and maintenance is done remotely by iConnect which saves on time, cost, management and the hassle of ensuring all equipment is up to date.  The cost of an iPBX is significantly cheaper than the traditional unit.

Scalability of the system
The iPBX allows you to effortlessly add or decrease extensions. Companies with multiple branches can be connected to a single “virtual” iPBX instead of purchasing and maintaining a PABX for each of their branches. With the auto provisioning function, you just plug a new phone into the network and it will configure itself to the same settings as the rest of the company. Moving premises? It is now merely a matter of plugging in your phones on the new network and continuing business as usual.

Additional functions and features at no extra charge
The hosted iPBX has all the functions of a traditional PABX including:

  • Auto provisioning
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voice tagging
  • Voicemail to email
  • Vacation messaging
  • Dial plan
  • Pin codes
  • Speed dial
  • Call divert
  • Caller line identity