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Mobile Access



Enjoy the convenience offered by mobile handsets without incurring the high costs associated with international calls made from your mobile. Mobile Access reduces international mobile call costs for executives by routing international calls over British Telecom’s (BT) global network to ensure corporate quality voice savings of 30-40% in South Africa or when roaming.

.Benefits to you

Easy deployment
Simple download of the Mobile Access application allows the user to automatically route their international calls through the BT network at reduced rates. There is no need to enter special pin codes, simply dial the international number from your Contact lists and talk. Mobile Access can be used on most smartphones and currently supports roaming in 34 countries with more to follow in 2012.

Making Use of the BT Network
The fixed network infrastructure of BT results in excellent call quality and security for users.

Roaming Capabilities
A key feature of Mobile Access is the roaming capability for international travellers. Once in any international destination simply change your “Home” location on the application to that country and enjoy substantial savings as opposed to high roaming call rates.


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