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pocket wifi


pocket wifi allows you the freedom to travel your world, connected like a local. When roaming in one of 36 supported countries, this credit card sized device allows you to create your own personal wifi hotspot wherever you have mobile network coverage. Companies can manage and reduce international data roaming costs by a staggering 90%
Once connected to the mobile network, the device can support up to 5 simultaneous connections.

Benefits to you

pocket wifi is cheap
Savings are up to 90% compared to South African mobile operators’ data roaming rates. Rental rates are approximately R100 per day for 150 megabytes (66c/MB), compared to R128 /MB when using your 3G card or mobile phone’s data.
tep is charged on a daily rental basis and no lengthy contracts are needed. When you book your plane tickets, simply book the device on the internet portal or by phone so that when you arrive at your hotel or office overseas, your tep will be there waiting for you.

pocket wifi is accessible
Data users are not bound by hotel and café hot spots. Wherever you have mobile connectivity you will have a wireless hotspot.

or book your device here.